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Tsubasa Shimizu

Tsubasa Shimizu

Osaka, Japan

Born in 1981 in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. Currently the producer of performing arts. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Hungarian from Osaka University and a Master’s in Arts Management from Kyoto Tachibana University. Since joining Japanese theater company, Ishinha in 2007, he has actively overseen its outdoor performances not only in Japan but also the various international performances in Asia and Oceania. He counts producing and constructing a performance platform in the challenging terrain of remote islands and mountainous regions bereft of any structural foundation as some of his most fulfilling and memorable experiences, where it becomes an entire project instead of a mere performance. After Ishinha had broken up in 2017, he has been archiving Ishinha at a crawl.


Australia South Korea  Japan Taiwan Hong Kong Macau
Malaysia Indonesia  Singapore New Zealand