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It is designed to create a strongly linked network of Asian producers

The Asian Producers Platform (APP) is a peer-to-peer network that was originally initiated by a small group of independent producers working across Asia with the goal of creating a strongly linked network of producers who could work effectively and respectfully across the Asian region. APP has an informal structure, sustained by a volunteer Planning Team consisting of APP members from across Asia.

Since 2014, APP has produced APP Camp, which has brought together over 100 emerging and established performing arts producers through a series of intensive camps in Seoul (2014), Taipei and Yilan (2015), Tokyo and Shizuoka (2016), Melbourne (2017), Yogyakarta and Jakarta (2018), the Greater Bay Area (Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Macau, 2019) and Bangkok and Chiang Mai (2023).

Taking place over 1 week, participants have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the local arts and cultural scenes, cultural policy and the social and political landscape artists practice in, and to meet, exchange and learn from fellow producers from across Asia. The camp allows participants to develop industry networks across Asia, explore producing as a creative practice, develop intercultural practice and develop arts leadership.


Australia South Korea  Japan Taiwan Hong Kong Macau
Malaysia Indonesia  Singapore New Zealand