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Tai-Jung Yu

Tai-Jung Yu

Tai-Jung Yu

Majored in Theatre Theory in Department of Theatre Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA), Yu is currently the International Affairs Manager and Resident Dramaturg of Formosa Circus Art (FOCA), a contemporary circus company based in Taipei. Due to his background of professional vocal training in classical music, Yu can easily shifts his practice and combines it with aesthetic of different genre. He’s a current member of International Association of Theatre Critics (IATC), Taiwan Branch.

Yu started his role as Dramaturg in the university, including productions like Lemming (Shuji Terayama) and The City (Martin Crimp), both directed by Ping-Hsiang Wang. After his graduation, Yu participated in projects with different roles, like research assistant, arts manager and executive producer.

Yu now serves as coordinator, dramaturg and executive producer in different projects of FOCA, including “Ole”, the most extensive toured contemporary circus production in Taiwan history; cross-country collaboration with British director Timothy Lenkiewicz “I Have My Demons Have Me”. Yu is the Research and Dramaturg in FOCA’s interdisciplinary project “Deities of Disappearing Island” with Filipino artist Leeroy New. Yu also served as Dramaturg in “Wukong: Before the Journey to the West”, “The Daily Routine of Circus”.

With the rising of the circus community in Asian countries, Yu represents FOCA as founding committee of Circus Asia Network (CAN). He also curated the first ever contemporary circus forum in Taiwan “What Kind of Art Is This? 2018 Taiwan Contemporary Circus/Acrobatics Forum-The Derivation and Transformation of Body Techniques in Taiwan”


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