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Park Ji-sun

Park Ji-sun

Seoul, South Korea

Park Jisun is a creative producer, researcher, and arts policy advisor. She is a co-founder of Producer Group DOT, which is a company of independent performing arts producers that formed in August 2014. About for 20 years, she has experienced in several performing arts festivals as a head of programming in Chuncheon International Mime Festival, Seoul Performing Arts Festival, etc. and worked as a general manager in KAMS (Korea Arts Management Services), responsible for PAMS (Performing Arts Market in Seoul) and implementing strategies to develop international market for Korean theatre, dance and music companies. As a creative producer, she has been working without boundaries of genre, producing interdisciplinary works locally and internationally. She developed and ran an international residency, which is called Namwon Sound Artist Residency. She also conducted a city project called Connected City, with questions about how art connects with people in the city and how people relate to places in an increasingly complex and changing city. She has a great interest in creating a new network without hierarchy in Korea and Asia and co-initiated new networks and meetings such as APP (Asian Produces Platform), CAN (Circus Asian Network) and The Producer. She believes that these new form of networks can create a healthy arts ecological system.

Recently she has begun new explorations with artists on various subjects including cities, boundaries, technology and arts. She has been initiating collaboration between artists and non-artists to explore the contemporariness of the arts.


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