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Junko Uemura

Junko Uemura

Kyoto, Japan

Junko Uemura has been living in Kyoto since she was born.
In 1995, Junko founded “Eisei Theatre Group” with her friends while they were in university. Since then, she has joined in almost every performance of the group as a producer and as an assistant director.

In 1999, they founded “Nyoi Produce Co., Ltd” in order to manage the theater group and take care of its actors.

In 2010, she was assigned as a representative director.

Junko also work to support for some theatre groups with promoting and producing their performances.

In 2010, the new art space “KAIKA” opened. She has been taking role of management of the space; the base for “Eisei Theatre Group” whose director, Rengyo, is the artistic director of “KAIKA”.


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