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HeeJin LEE

HeeJin LEE

Seoul, South Korea

HeeJin Lee is a creative producer and co-founder of Producer Group DOT, who has extensive experience working as a producer throughout Korea and internationally. In 2014, HeeJin co-founded Producer Group DOT with her colleagues to sought ways to remain independent and creative in an immense system that currently operates under a singular framework. She works with a diverse range of artists from diverse backgrounds in theatre, dance and interdisciplinary arts. She acts as a bridge between Korean artists and overseas artists and her works have been focused on international co-productions. She has produced Korea-India co-production Bahuchara Mata: Beyond Binary, Korea-Germany Co-production Walls-Iphigenia in Exile, Korea-Australia co-production Unknown Neighbors, Korea-UK co-production MIIN:미인 and etc.


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